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Welcome to Insight100

Our mission is to support organisations that want to become outstanding and recognise those that are.

We believe that every organisation has the potential to be outstanding; to deliver excellent customer service and to be a great place to work.

To help organisations achieve their potential and support their journey we have launched a series of services, the flagship of which is the Insight100 Annual Awards Programme for Outstanding Organisations. 

The awards are entirely unique, free to enter and open to private, public and third sector organisations of all sizes. All entrants will judged on their scores based on a free and independant online survey of customers or employees


The National Award for Outstanding Customer Service

Winners will be determined by their:

  • Net Promoter Score®

  • Customer Satisfaction Score

  • Customer Insight Score 


The National Award for Outstanding Workplaces

Winners will be determined by their:

  • Employee Net Promoter Score®

  • Employee Satisfaction Score

  • Employee Insight Score

A free summary report will be issued to each entrant showing the performance of their organisation. The scores will provide a useful basis for benchmarking performance for those organisations that choose to do so

The awards programme as well as key services are delivered in collaboration with key partners using our unique measurement and developmental frameworks:

  • The Customer Loyalty Score™

  • The Employee Loyalty Score™

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    Insight100 is pleased to announce the list of winners for the 2013 National Awards for Outstanding Organisations.

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