Customer Loyalty Score™

What is the Customer Loyalty Score?

Our definition of Customer Loyalty is:

"The desire on the part of the customer to continue to do business with an organisation, over time, when there are reasonable alternatives, and to recommend the organisation to friends and colleagues".

Measuring and growing Customer Loyalty is critical to the long term growth and profitability of any organisation. Loyal customers are more likely to:

  • Recommend your products, your services and your organisation

  • Be less price sensitive and focus on the value provided by your services

  • Use a range of your products and services rather than single transactions

  • Forgive occasional mistakes

Customer Loyalty Score™ is our proprietary approach to helping you understand what your customers value, what they think of your performance in the areas that matter to them, and just how loyal they are to your organisation.

The overall Customer Loyalty Score™ is established from an organisations performance in 3 key areas:

  • Your Net Promoter Score®

  • How satisfied your customers are with the way you deliver against the 5 things that matter most to them

  • How well you actually understand your existing customers

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