Employee Loyalty Score™

What is the Employee Loyalty Score?

Our definition of Employee Loyalty is:

"The desire on the part of your employees to continue to work for your organisation, when there are reasonable alternatives, and to recommend your organisation as a great place to work".

Measuring and growing Employee Loyalty is critical because loyal employees create loyal customers and some of the major reasons why customers stop doing business with their existing supplier are:

  • Undesirable staff attitude

  • Employees not making the customer feel valued

  • Lack of integrity

  • Poor service

Employee Loyalty Score™ is our proprietary approach to helping you understand what your people value the most, how they feel you measure up against the factors that are important to them, and the extent of loyalty they feel for the organisation.

The overall Employee Loyalty Score™ is established from an organisations performance in 3 key areas:

  • Your Employee Net Promoter Score

  • How satisfied your employees are with the 5 things that matter most to them in the workplace

  • How well you actually understand your employees

For further information about use of the Employee Loyalty Score™ please email us on info@insight100.com or click on the tab below